Hanover Legion Old-Timers

History of Hanover Legion Old-timers Hockey Team

The Hanover Legion Old-timers hockey club was founded in 1974. The team was originally named the Hanover Old Yeovil’s and then changed to the Hanover Legion Old-timers with sponsorship from the Hanover Legion. The team travels generally within a one hour radius of Hanover playing in excess of 50 games per year plus three tournaments. The camaraderie enjoyed by the players and their partners provides many laughs and support for one another throughout the year.

 On January 2, 1979 the club hosted a game with a Swedish team from Husqavarna. In 1986 the team hosted the NHL Old-timers with proceeds going towards the Hanover Kinsmen Ball Diamond. Since this time they have travelled and played tournaments in Hawaii, Texas, Niagara Falls and many places in between.
In 1982, the 1st hockey tournament was organized in the Town of Durham. The tournaments remained in Durham until 1986 when they moved to Hanover. This year we celebrate our 30th tournament in the brand new state of the art Hanover P&H Centre and Honda Arena.

 The tournaments have involved between 8 and 16 teams forming divisions of 4 teams each. Teams have been separated into over 35 year old teams and over 45 year old teams. During the tournament weekends which fall in the last weekend of October, the team hosts a Halloween Dance on the Saturday night where those attending are encouraged to dress up and have some fun. 

 As the team developed over the years, a team alumnus was created that now boasts a membership of about 80 members strong. This year to celebrate our 30th tournament we are hosting an alumni dinner and dance to give past team members an opportunity to connect and share remembrances and tall tales from the past. The history of the team will be on display including all 5 sets of Jerseys worn by the team over the years.
Hockey is the magnet that draws the players to the ice but the team has continually supported many community projects over the years. 
Including… the team has raised and donated more than $ 38,000.00.  All members of our team are proud of our history and take special pride in this accomplishment.  To be able to contribute back to the community, organizations and individuals in need, helps us connect with our community and play a valuable role in our town and its people.

In 2006, we celebrated our 25th annual tournament. To help celebrate this occasion we saluted a long standing member of the team Larry Schafer and his wife Diane. Larry played for the team from 1979 through to 1994 when he then became the teams coach.  He was instrumental in organizing the 1st tournament assisted by Glenn Skinn.


This year to help celebrate our 30th annual tournament, we have selected our friend and team-mate Harold Fleet to honour. 

Harold has played 25 seasons with the team and still runs down the wing at a reasonable clip for his youthful age.  He has held numerous positions on the team including past Tourney Chair and past Co-Chair of the Alumni Reunion, dinner & dance. He has again volunteered to Co-Chair this years alumni dinner and dance. In 2012, Harold proved he still “has it” when he potted 3 for a hat trick.

The Hanover Legion Old-timers salute Harold for his years of service and contribution to this team and look forward to many more years of fellowship and fun as a member of our club.